Live Well, Work Well

Live Well, Work Well

The Live Well, Work Well newsletter is an employee newsletter that is produced monthly and covers topics like health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and personal finance.

October 2019 - This month's newsletter discusses National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the sleep-stealing effects of electronic devices and the dangers of vaping.

September 2019 - This month's newsletter discusses how spending time outdoors can improve your health, provides tips for making healthy food choices at restaurants and highlights veganism.

August 2019 - August's version discusses the impact of poor diet on your health, details how your heart rate is an indicator for your health and fitness, and how introducing allergenic foods early in a child's life may help prevent allergies.

July 2019 - This month's version lists important camping safety tips, provides information on sunscreen and explains how wearable technology can benefit your health.

June 2019 - June's newsletter explains how to fuel your workout the right way, provides summer picnic safety tips and discusses a new superbug fungus.

May 2019 - This month's newsletter discusses how you can improve your daily mental health, provides tips for keeping your eyes healthy and highlights an unexpected ingredient that could be in your oats.

April 2019 - This month's newsletter discusses tips for a stress-free tax filing season, explains how air pollution affects your health and presents three reasons why you may be experiencing stomach pain.

March 2019 - March's newsletter discusses spring allergy alleviation, signs your body needs a break and ways to strengthen your financial wellness plan.

February 2019 - In honor of American Heart Month, this month's issue discusses various ways to improve your heart health.

January 2019 - This month's issue discusses fad diets, winter illnesses and post-holiday depression.

December 2018 - This month's issue provides tips for sticking to an exercise plan during the winter months, discusses how your cellphone may be covered in bacteria and highlights ways to fight holiday stress.

November 2018 - November's issue discusses how removing meat from your diet may improve your health, offers tips for practicing mindfulness and details how you can makeover your favorite holiday recipes.