The Benefits Group


Our goal is to achieve a long-term relationship focused on bringing value. We are committed to utilizing our collective talent to support your insurance goals.

Group Benefits 

The Benefits Group will help you optimize your time and benefits resources by reviewing your total benefits package (including health insurance; voluntary benefits like dental, vision, life, disability, and tax documents) making profitable recommendations.

We take all things into consideration, including trends within your industry, then suggest a plan of action target to your needs.

Senior Benefits

Anyone transitioning to Medicare has choices to make and rules to follow.  It can be both confusing and frustrating.   Our goal is to make it simple and understandable.  

With over 10,000 people becoming eligible for Medicare every day, you may have someone who is nearing that important time in their life. 

Our Senior Benefits Deparment is here to "make it easy for you" in navigating the Medicare heathcare world.